Australia Post Travel Card

Australia Post Travel Money Card




Quick summary of the Australia Post Travel Money Card

Australia Post offers a prepaid Cash Passport debit card, suitable for overseas travel and allows you to load foreign currency onto a convenient travel money card. The card is supplied by Travelex, making it similar to the Prepaid Cash Passport offered by Travelex.

Where do you buy the Australia Post Travel Card?

If the name hasn’t given it away already, you can buy the Australia Post travel card from any participating Australia Post outlet. To check if your local post office issues travel money cards, use the Australia Post store locator found here.

You can also purchase online from – please know however that once you purchase, you will still be required to pick up from a local Australia Post outlet. So if you wish to get the card immediately, opt to go directly in store instead.

What currencies are available on the Australia Post Travel Card?

The Australia Post travel card allows you to store a single currency per card. This means you will require multiple cards if you are looking to utilise multiple currencies when travelling.

Currencies available for loading onto your card include:

  • USD – United States Dollars
  • AUD – Australian Dollars
  • EUR – Euros
  • NZD – New Zealand Dollars
  • GBP – Great British Pounds, UK Pound Stirling

How to load money onto your AusPost Travel Card

If purchasing in store, you can simply hand over cash or utilise EFTPOS (ATM card) to fund the initial load. If purchasing online, you can use BPAY to transfer funds directly to your card – in turn activating it and sending it for pick up from your local Australia Post.

Reloading your Australia Post Travel Card

The easiest way to reload your Australia Post travel card is to use BPAY. Simply logon to – select ‘reload card’ and organise for a BPAY transfer receipt. Once this is done, you will be emailed details of how to transfer funds via BPAY using your online banking.

You also have the option of reloading your card in person at any Australia Post outlet.

The main fees and charges on your Australia Post travel money card

  • Initial card fee: Free when buying foreign currencies. 1.1% of load value when buying AUD.
  • BPAY reloads: 1% of reload amount. E.g. $600USD means $6USD reload fee.
  • Replacement card fee: FREE
  • ATM withdrawal fee: Depends on currency. AUD = 3.75, USD = 2.25, EUR = 2.20, GBP = 1.50, NZD = 4.00
  • Card closure fee: $10AUD